While power, cooling and cost control remain top concerns in the data center, new questions including Green IT, energy efficiency, PUE, utility negotiations and return on investment are highlighting the need for a new, business orientation to the management of data center physical infrastructure (DCPITM). Enterprise management systems, building management systems and network management systems do not address the physical infrastructure supporting IT assets. InfraStruxure® Management Software does – and it integrates with all of these systems for holistic management of the entire data center ecosystem from utility power quality to chiller temperature to generator fuel level to UPS tolerance to associated server application. Organizations struggling with the complexities of availability, server consolidation, virtualization and energy management are increasingly looking for more intelligent physical infrastructure management systems. APC by Schneider Electric brings customers proactive data center management through integrated software applications sharing a centralized database, enabling design, real-time monitoring, inventory management, and planning through predictive simulation. InfraStruxure Management Software’s end-to-end management approach allows data centers to run more smoothly on a daily basis, and its built-in business tools for short- and long-term planning and budgeting help keep capital and operational costs and energy use inline.

Data Center Monitoring and Management systems help ensure minimal downtime by alerting data center operators to environmental factors within racks that can cause servers and devices to overheat or malfunction. Key factors when focusing on efficiency improvements allowing data center managers and facilities managers to make changes to their floor plan and energy use, while reducing their risk of downtime and reducing energy costs.

APC has a full line of IP-based environmental monitoring products, including the InfraStruXure product portfolio and monitoring devices are IP-based, expandable, and easy to install and use. A vendor-neutral, scalable monitoring system which collects, organizes, and distributes critical alerts, surveillance video and key information, providing a unified view of complex physical infrastructure environments from anywhere on the network.

APC-infrastruxure-capacity-01InfraStruxure Capacity
Simulation, planning, and optimization of infrastructure capacities to right-size the data center
APC-infrastruxure-management-software-icon05InfraStruxure Central
Centralized management of critical physical infrastructure
APC-infrastruxure-change-01InfraStruxure Change
Fully integrated workflow management for your IT physical infrastructure.
APC-infrastruxure-energy-cost-01InfraStruxure Energy Cost
Instant overview of rack energy usage.
APC-infrastruxure-energy-efficiency-01InfraStruxure Energy Efficiency
Intelligent PUE analytics at subsystem level.
APC-infrastruxure-mobile-01InfraStruxure Mobile
Wireless operation of your data center.
APC-infrastruxure-operations-01InfraStruxure Operations
Asset management and documentation of data center operations through inventory

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