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APC-infrastruxure-change-01Workflow management allows for easily tracking and executing moves, adds and changes of equipment in the data center.

Fully integrated workflow management for your IT physical infrastructure.

InfraStruxure Change enables operators to gain control over the data center environment by implementing organized moves, additions, and change work processes, significantly reducing the risk for inadvertent downtime. With its automated workflow system, operators can assign work orders, reserve space, track status, and extract an audit trail for complete visibility and history into the change lifecycle. The optional InfraStruxure Mobile provides you with your operational changes while on the data center floor, enabling barcode scanning and ensures data integrity, as well as improved operational efficiency.


Features & Benefits

Workflow Management
Automated work order process Create work orders and automatically generate tasks to move, add or change IT equipment.  Schedule, assign and track the status of itemized tasks to implement changes in the datacenter.
Schedule of changes View agenda of pending changes to assist time management and workload balancing.
Custom tasks Specify the activities required to fulfill the needs of the individual work order.
Space reservation Reserve rack space for new equipment to be installed quickly and easily.
Progress report view Easily track activity and progress by sorting on work order; due date, status and priority.
Printable work orders Print out individual work orders detailing the tasks required for completion.
Email notification Inform select users of work order completion.
Equipment browser Quickly locate equipment based on vendor name, model and type, and export equipment data to excel format.
Device catalog Utilize the extensive library of physical infrastructure and IT devices from leading vendors.
Free text search Quickly locate devices and alerts through the free search field.
Asset audit trail Track asset moves, adds and changes by date/time, owner and work orders for view, print and export.
Personnel audit trail Gain total transparency to physical equipment changes by user
Change report Instant visibility to all moves, adds and changes to the entire data center.
Optional deployment services Ensure speedy deployment through the use of APC Professional Services.
Localization User interface available in major local languages.
User roles Enable different levels of access through multi-user login and pre-defined user roles.
Multi-user access Enables several users to carry out work on the application simultaneously.

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