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APC-infrastruxure-capacity-01Planning and optimizing utilization of actual physical infrastructure capacities via shared data center model, enabling efficient equipment provisioning and right-sizing of your data center.

Simulation, planning, and optimization of infrastructure capacities to right-size the data center
InfraStruxure Capacity predicts the optimal location for physical infrastructure and rack-based IT equipment based on the availability and requirements of physical infrastructure capacity; and user defined requirements such as redundancy, network and business use grouping. It reduces stranded capacity through optimized use of the physical infrastructure and avoids unplanned downtime. With its sophisticated simulation based on live data, InfraStruxure Capacity proactively analyzes the impact of changes before they occur, enabling informed decision making and planning, ensuring that your physical infrastructure provides the required capacity for current and future needs.

APC InfraStruxure Capacity

Features & Benefits

Predictable Planning
Physical equipment planning Quickly locate the optimum spot for that next server based on physical infrastructure needs.
Power failure to IT impact Critical events are translated into server impact analysis, and virtual machines at risk are automatically migrated to healthy hosts.
Simulation of device failures Enables data center operators to proactively identify how a device failure will impact business critical applications.
3-phase load balancing Automatically distribute and track single and three-phase equipment power draw, ensuring all three phases on the power system carry a balanced load.
Power dependency path Map the power path and physical system relationships and dependencies.
Airflow analysis Simulate any cooling scenario in your data center, instantly visualizing the cooling effect on your infrastructure.
Capacity reports Shows planned and actual power data in one view, enabling detailed planning of future power needs.
Floor and rack load weighting Factors floor and rack weight limits when placing new equipment
Port count Recommends best location to install new IT equipment based on power port availability
Capacity Availability
Available Capacity Understand available capacity by calculating actual space, power and cooling consumption, power and network port availability and floor and rack weight limits against data center architecture constraints.
Measured power data Prevent overloads through graphical display of average and peak power usage by measuring actual consumption through metered rack PDUs.
Keyword tagging Highlight location constraints through keyword tagging of data center racks or equipment.
Capacity policies Group IT equipment to match availability needs and avoid stranded space, power and cooling capacity.
Model any data center Capable of modeling data centers and rooms with rows in any direction.
Equipment browser Quickly locate equipment based on vendor name, model and type, and export equipment data to excel format.
Reporting Capabilities
Capacity reports Shows planned and actual power data in one view, enabling detailed planning of future power needs.
U-space report Provides a quick overview of available U-space within your data center.

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