APC-Uniflair-Room-Chilled-Water-Cooling-SolutionUniflair Chilled Water (CW) products offer flexible cooling solutions perfect for racked and non-racked IT loads. The product line meets the diverse requirements of the data center environment to efficiently provide cooling at the room level. Uniflair CW offers a fully adaptable, assemble to order, product line that provides variable fan technology and intelligent control for a more efficient solution.

 Airflow Configurations
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 Features & Benefits
Direct drive motors Stress on bearings is nearly eliminated, increasing useful life. Allows integral fan/motor assembly to be factory balanced, which lowers vibration and expedites startup.
Steam humidifier Humidity is managed through a self-contained steam canister humidifier for maximum efficiency and ease of maintenance. The pure-steam canister maintains consistent capacity output, and requires very little scheduled maintenance.
Total Cost of Ownership
Variable speed fans Variable speed fans reduce energy consumption during off-peak cooling periods.
Electric Reheat Prevents overcooling during dehumidification.
Front service access The system has full service, front access for routine servicing of components. Front access also narrows the footprint of the system making it possible for units to be placed side by side.
Network interface Provides management by connecting the device directly to the network with a dedicated IP address, avoiding the need for a proxy such as a server. Management is available via Web browser, Telnet or SSH. Notification features inform you of problems as they occur.