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BladeRoom Data Center Climate Emulation
BladeRoom Data Center Climate Emulation

Proven through extensive field-testing, the BladeRoom system offers the highest efficiency and has been proven to consistently deliver an extremely low data center PUE over a range of IT loads.

BladeRoom Group invested over $800k in designing and manufacturing a ‘climate emulator’ to test the BladeRoom system’s energy efficiency over an extensive range of loads and temperature bands.

Seven zones of the psychometric chart (seven sets of climatic conditions with a variety of temperature and humidity levels) were tracked through weeks of testing, where a live BladeRoom system, housing 250kW of evenly distributed heat emulators, was tested with live loads ranging from 15% to 100%.

BladeRoom PUE figures are not calculated figures based upon very high loads, but are achieved in operation both partially and fully loaded. Quoted PUE figures include allowances for site electrical infrastructure losses – the UK example achieved PUE 1.13 with electrical losses and the data center in isolation was PUE 1.03 – 1.08 during live testing.