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Learn more about BladeRoom Modular Data Center Systems:

BladeRoom-video-icon-scalability-flexibilityThe global financial crisis has changed the way organizations are looking at new data center projects. With capital harder to obtain, businesses have to move away from speculatively building huge data centers for future needs, instead looking for a scalable way to deploy facilities, matching growth to demand.

The BladeRoom system is uniquely scalable, providing facilities of any size from small 10 rack data centers to huge multi-storey facilities – with the ability to start small and grow over time. The system can be used to unlock many potential sites that have gone undeveloped owing to the massive capital undertaking required. The initial data center requirement can be deployed quickly without spending on speculative future growth, with additional capacity delivered only when required, in as little as 12 weeks.

BladeRoom scalable data centers comprise a series of standardized IT rooms with scalable Air Optimizers and power management rooms. Delivering additional IT rooms, Air Optimizers and power management rooms can incrementally increase the size and capacity of the facility.