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The Clarity™ Matrix LCD Video Wall System, available in 46″, 55″ and 60″ sizes, is an immersive, flexible LCD video wall system that provides outstanding tiled visual performance, supports 24×7 operations and requires minimal installation space. Clarity Matrix utilizes cutting-edge ultra-narrow bezel LCDs resulting in a tiled bezel width as small as 5.5mm, allowing customers to create a near-seamless digital canvas. Featuring a unique mounting system and mission-critical off-board electronics design, Clarity Matrix is the slimmest and most reliable LCD video wall available.

Unique Benefits of an LCD Video Wall System

Planar-Clarity-Matrix-Video-Wall-SystemClarity Matrix was architected and developed by video wall industry experts in a way that specifically addresses the challenges faced by all video wall installations: mounting and alignment, reliability and extended operation, service and maintenance access and simple, effective image processing and management.

At the heart of the Clarity Matrix architecture is a distributed design that takes heat, complexity and unreliability out from behind the LCD panel and replaces it with a centrally located, easily accessible and highly reliable rack-mounted system. This mission-critical off-board electronics design succeeds in reducing depth, weight, heat and points of failure. For even further reliability, the Clarity Matrix power supply unit includes an n+1 redundant design so if any one power supply in the unit fails, the remaining 4 will continue to power 4 LCDs with uninterrupted operation.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in 46″, 55″ and 60″ sizes
  • Integrated EasyAxis Mounting System creates the thinnest profile LCD video wall available
  • Off-board electronics design reduces depth, weight, heat and points of potential failure
  • Includes Big Picture Plus Processing for spanning images across multiple displays
  • Builds scale-out Ethernet fabrics for virtualized data centers
  • Designed for 24/7 reliability and simplified service

System Summary


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