showcase-small-1APC by Schneider Electric has redefined today’s data centers. At PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc., we’re now offering the industry’s only end-to-end supporting architecture and all-in-one management software to ensure the highest availability and energy efficiency.

We call this holistic system “data center physical infrastructure.” Not only has it revolutionized data centers and small IT Spaces, it has transformed data center and IT managers’ day-to-day responsibilities. It’s faster and easier to deploy, and it’s just as simple to manage via software that gives you integrated visibility from rack to row to room to building. And, it’s agile enough to adapt to your business needs – today and tomorrow.

Together with Schneider Electric, PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc. can become your one source connecting product availability, expertise and service for all major brands of data center equipment. Whether you require start-up, preventative maintenance, comprehensive refurbishment or reconditioning on your data center equipment, Schneider Electric and PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc. will provide the most complete services solutions available from rack to row to room to building to the cloud.

Small IT Spaces

  • Physical IT Infrastructure for up to 20 kVA
  • One company to call for the planning, design, build, remote management, maintenance and upgrade of your physical IT infrastructure
  • Right sized solutions that optimize capex and reduce opex

Small to Medium Data Centers

  • Data Center Physical infrastructure up to 1 MW capacity
  • One company to call for the planning, design, build, remote management, maintenance and upgrade for the entire data center
  • Availability you prefer with efficiency, density, and scalability to enable your business

Infrastructure Management

Complexities such as energy efficiency, virtualization and integration of systems cause organizations to look for intelligent infrastructure management systems.

  • Multi-tenant
  • Virtualization
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Visibility and Transparency
  • Integration
  • Resource Balancing

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