Aquatherm in 60 SecondsAquatherm piping is lighter than comparable metal systems and is thus easier and safer to handle manually. During cutting and fabrication no hazardous or dirty materials are present. No oils, solvents or adhesive materials are required – COSSH assessments are not necessary. Hot works permits are not always necessary – maximum welding temperatures are 260 °C, thus not presenting an ignition hazard. PP-R pipework carries no re-sale value which reduces the risk of theft from sites.

Benefits for workers

  1. Healthier lungs:
    • No fumes, dust, or VOC’s when cutting the pipe or during assembly so the air is keep cleaner on the worksite.
  2. Reduces physical injury:
    • Aquatherm is much lighter weight, reducing the strain on workers carrying the pipe and/or holding it in place.
    • Aquatherm fuses together at relatively low temperatures (450F) as opposed to over 850F with copper and steel. It also has inherent thermal resistance which reduces the likelihood of burns, even if directly handled after a socket assembly.
    • No sharp burrs created when cutting, eliminating cuts and scratches during handling.
  3. Mitigates fire concerns.
    • No sparks when cutting and no flame required when assembling. This makes retrofit work easier with less liability concerns. Also, a fire watchman would not be required.
    • No explosive gas or flammable liquids are requires for assembly. This typically puts building owners, tenants, and even works more at ease as it eliminates concerns with fire or explosions.

Occupant safety

  1. Aquatherm is a non-toxic, non-leaching, non-off-gassing plastic. It will not affect the fluid it is carrying and the fluid will not affect it.
  2. There are no oils or residues on the pipe as part of the manufacturing procedure and it ships in sealed bags. So it is made clean and assembles clean.
  3. There are no glues or solders required for assembly.
  4. Aquatherm does not require any chemical treatment; eliminating the need for workers to handle chemicals.
  5. In the event of a fire, Aquatherm pipe would have to get hot enough to melt. Having water inside would mitigate melting but if the pipe did fail, it would provide water to the location of the fire; acting as a secondary fire suppressant system.
  6. If Aquatherm were to catch on fire, the main products of combustion are water vapor and CO2, both are non-toxic… we exhale both components every time we breathe. Aquatherm is one of the most benign products building products on the marketplace.

Low Maintenance

  1. Aquatherm is made from Polypropylene plastic, and inert material. It will not affect the fluid it is delivering and the fluid will not affect it. Aquatherm pipe does not require chemical treatment. Most fluids, including many aggressive acids/bases and many fuels have no effect on the pipe.
  2. 2) Aquatherm pipe does not require chemical treatment. Most fluids, including many aggressive acids/bases and many fuels have no effect on the pipe.
  3. Being inert, Aquatherm can be used to safely pump many aggressive fluids.
  4. Aquatherm pipe can withstand freezing water, down to a temperature of -20F without bursting the pipe or joints.
  5. Aquatherm pipe can be directly buried underground.
  6. Aquatherm pipe resist scale build-up and it will never corrode.
  7. Aquatherm pipe can be quickly repaired if damaged. The pipe can be plugged if a nail or screw is driven through it.

Good for the environment

  1. Aquatherm requires much less energy to produce compared with conventional metal piping.
  2. Aquatherm is inert, so it is non-toxic to the environment and it can be easily recycled (unlike PVC or CPVC for example which is toxic and can’t be readily repurposed).
  3. Aquatherm has the lowest friction drop of any pipe on the market. This reduces pumping energy for the life of the systems.
  4. Aquatherm mitigates scale build-up, which saves pump energy for the life of the building.
  5. Aquatherm does not require chemical treatment, reducing the need to product, deliver, store, and ultimate dispose of harmful chemicals.
  6. Aquatherm is designed to last for the life of your building; reducing construction waste.

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