Asset-Vue-logoAsset Vue, LLC is a Bristol, Pennsylvania based provider of RFID based asset management and data center management solutions. The company offers technology designed to solve the kinds of regular challenges faced by “data center people” in their daily roles and their strategic responsibilities that is not found in other tools. The passive-RFID solution represents the culmination of living and working through the daily challenges faced by data center management and leadership across the industry. The company’s executive leadership and product development staff bring vast, direct experience from the world of data center operations, where they have worked with some of the world’s most complex and most high-profile data center operations.

Asset Vue Features:

  • Data integration with virtually any application
  • Passive RFID optimized for the Data Center environment
  • Predefined, customizable manufacturers list to ensure uniform data collection
  • Granular audit tracking
  • Advanced reporting capability including a full complement of canned reports and a customer reporting engine
  • Ability to manage multiple data centers
  • Full asset collision control
  • Full access and control from iPad & Android
  • Dynamic rack elevations
  • Top down data center views
  • Customizable labels to match existing tools
  • Full IT Asset tracking via portals with e-mail, text, and ability to trigger work tickets

Asset Vue Hardware

Asset Vue Hardware

Asset Vue Cart Overview The Element ID MAS2 is a mobile RFID solution for inventory management. It offers the mobility of a handheld reader with the power, range, and coverage of a fixed portal. The MAS2 includes the RFID reader, antennas, and power...
Asset Vue Inventory

Asset Vue Inventory

The IT Asset Management (ITAM) Solution includes all the hardware and software required to monitor your assets not only within the data center but throughout your facilities. The Asset Vue Inventory 2.0 solution includes both fixed and handheld data capture...
Asset Vue Tracker

Asset Vue Tracker

Asset Vue Tracker 2.1 is the perfect solution for keeping your assets right where they belong, keeping track of all the Moves & Adds, and is a terrific complement to a ITAM tool, like Asset Vue Inventory or DCIM applications. The cost of missing...