Asset-Vue-Tracker-All-Alerts-fullAsset Vue Tracker 2.1 is the perfect solution for keeping your assets right where they belong, keeping track of all the Moves & Adds, and is a terrific complement to a ITAM tool, like Asset Vue Inventory or DCIM applications.

The cost of missing equipment and data…

  • A data tape can easily contain 5 million customer records per tape
  • A recent survey of 301 IT decision maker’s states that 42% state it could take a day or longer to find a server that had gone down
  • The cost to a corporation for just the remediation effort on a lost customer record falls between $72 and $193 per record

Know instantly when an asset leaves the data center, enters the storeroom, transfers over to development, and more…


Completely web-based interface for fast deployment and easy management Trigger/silence any external device (such as a stack light, siren or camera)
Ability to send alerts to SNMP manager and create SNMP triggers Real-time asset tracking in and out of your space
E-mail alerts to any user or distribution list Works with nearly Any IT Asset: server, switch, backup tape, laptop, etc.