BladeRoom-Data-Centres-logoThe company behind BladeRoom Group has over 20 years’ experience in designing and producing mission critical modular facilities for blue chip and government clients around the world.
The group specializes in the provision of technically complex, rapidly delivered, factory built modular facilities, with clients ranging from large blue chip and public organizations to military organizations with whom we work directly having supported them in many different conflict zones.

Our healthcare business provides mission critical healthcare facilities, particularly operating theaters, where we have delivered over 100 complex projects (50,000 square meters) in the last six years.

Critical airflow management and complex ventilation systems are at the core of our business with over 65 operating theaters delivered around the world.

Control of temperature, pressure regimes and filtration is life critical with, resilience an extremely high priority. Regardless of the climate highly filtered air is delivered at the right temperature in the right quantities using an efficient mix of free air and cooling, even in hot and dusty climates like the Middle East.

We have over 20 years experience in:

  • Precise control of pressure regimes and air quality
  • Removing huge amounts of heat
  • Minimizing energy use
  • Utilizing free outside air and extensive filtration systems to maintain a comfortable environment regardless of the external ambient conditions

A design led problem-solving approach to the issues of heat removal, reduction in energy use and room pressure control has led to us being well placed to invent and develop the BladeRoom system.

The group has extensive international experience in delivering complex technical facilities, built and commissioned in the factory and delivered worldwide.

International projects include healthcare and complex large-scale food production schemes across Europe, Middle East, China, and Australia in both urban and remote locations, as well as large-scale facilities for all the last three Olympic games.

A well developed understanding of international logistics and transport and the balance between off-site and on-site work to minimize time and cost has been key in the development of this business.

We have gained a reputation as the fastest provider of mission critical facilities on the market, delivering complex large-scale projects with high technical M&E requirements faster than any other contracting firm.

Data Center Efficiency – Green Data Centers – BladeRoom energy efficient data centers have been designed from the outset to maximize data center efficiency, using free cooling for over 99% of the year and delivering a proven PUE as low as 1.13 in temperate climates across a large load range from 40% to 100% capacity.

To learn more about BladeRoom, visit the links below or go to the Manufacturer’s site at:

  • BladeRoom Modular Data Center Systems¬†BladeRoom is a highly energy efficient modular data center system, providing a scalable method of quickly developing data center with an extremely low, proven PUE.