Bogen Communications, Inc., a subsidiary of Bogen Corporation, is a leading provider of sound systems and telephone peripherals for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.

Bogen’s Telco line of business provides the corporation a leadership position in the U.S. overhead paging market segment.

Bogen’s Commercial and Pro Audio line of business, along with Bogen’s NEAR and Apogee Sound brands, expands the Bogen family of products to address applications ranging from single speaker systems to large-scale concert music systems.

Bogen’s Engineered Systems line of business allows the corporation to successfully address school intercom, signaling, and media control, holding significant market share in the U.S.

  • Download Bogen’s Full CatalogBogen-Communications-product-catalogThis catalog provides information about Bogen’s products and services. In addition, it functions as a System Design & Buying Guide. You will find answers to your questions about how a paging system works or how to set one up. Our Design Guide is filled with helpful information and reference material. Each product has its features clearly highlighted and a list of accessories. Say goodbye to guesswork and waiting. Now, you can have the answers you need when you want them.

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