Compellent Technologies provides Fluid Data storage solutions that automate the movement and management of data at a granular level, enabling organizations to constantly adapt to change, slash costs and secure information against downtime and disaster. This patented, built-in storage intelligence delivers significant efficiency, scalability and flexibility. With an all-channel sales network in 35 countries, Compellent is one of the fastest growing enterprise storage companies in the world. For more information and news, visit

  • Compellent Fluid Data Storage Platform Compellent combines a powerful data movement engine, virtualized software applications, and an agile hardware platform to redefine efficiency, productivity, and protection in a truly scalable enterprise storage solution.
  • Compellent Storage Center SAN with NAS Compellent’s Storage Center with NAS is a unified SAN/NAS solution that is ideal for Windows CIFS environments. The solution extends the benefits of storage consolidation across the enterprise by combining file-level access with block-level efficiencies and enables administrators with file-level requirements to utilize all of the enterprise features of Compellent storage.
  • Compellent zNAS Storage Product Line Compellent zNAS integrates the highly scalable Zettabyte File System (ZFS) with a Fluid Data architecture to consolidate all enterprise data onto a single platform. The product enables organizations to consolidate file-based data and manage it together with block-based data. Ideal for mixed OS environments, this unified storage solution provides file-level access and control with block-level efficiency and scalability.