CompellentFluid_01Fluid Data storage is enabled by a dynamic architecture that actively and intelligently manages data at a more granular level. This patented storage automation cuts cost, time, and risk and allows you to rapidly respond to growth and change. Compellent combines a powerful data movement engine, virtualized software applications, and an agile hardware platform to redefine efficiency, productivity, and protection in a truly scalable enterprise storage solution.

Architecture: Fluid Data Architecture

A Fluid Data architecture enables Compellent network storage to manage enterprise data at a more granular level. Details about each block are captured in action, providing unprecedented system intelligence. A powerful data management and movement engine uses this information to store, migrate and recover data efficiently and cost effectively.

With its Fluid Data architecture, Compellent breaks through the boundaries of traditional systems to deliver network storage solutions with the future built in. Business applications are implemented faster, information to make decisions is always available, new technologies are instantly deployed and data is continuously protected against downtime and disaster.

Only a Fluid Data Architecture Can Deliver:

  • Breakthrough efficiency – buy fewer drives and use more Tier 3 storage, saving on power and space
  • CompellentFluid_02Intelligent storage automation – simplify your IT infrastructure with zero touch management
  • Single platform scalability – scale without limits on a persistent, technology-independent platform
  • Continuous data protection – recover instantly and set up multi-site replication in minutes
  • Real-time responsiveness – rely on storage that performs as promised from day one


Hardware: Modular, Scalable Hardware Platform

CompellentFluid_03Unlike network storage systems that require organizations to rip and replace hardware as business needs change, Compellent storage uses standards-based hardware and supports new technologies on a single, modular platform. Users can mix and match drive technologies such as SSD, FC, SAS and SATA, and utilize a range of interconnects – from FC to FCOE and iSCSI to 10GbE. Plus, fully redundant hardware components and advanced failover features ensure no single point of failure for high enterprise data availability.

Enterprise Data Management

Compellent enables enterprises of all sizes to move beyond simply storing data to actively, intelligently managing data. Powerful network storage software with built-in intelligence and automation optimizes the provisioning, placement and protection of data throughout its lifecycle.


Features & Benefits

Open, Agile Hardware Compellent is built on a flexible, persistent platform that scales without limits. Unlike systems that require you to rip and replace technology as your business needs change, Compellent supports the continual adoption of new technologies as you grow.
Intelligent, Automated Software Powerful software with built-in intelligence and automation optimizes the provisioning, placement and protection of data throughout its lifecycle – to cut the time, cost and risk of enterprise storage.
Fluid Data Architecture A patented Fluid Data architecture enables Compellent to actively manage data at a more granular level. Detailed information about each block provides unprecedented system intelligence to dynamically store, recover and manage your data.
Advanced Storage Virtualization Compellent virtualizes storage at the disk level, accelerating data access by spreading read/ write operations across all drives so multiple requests are processed in parallel.
Automated Tiered Storage With unique patented technology, Compellent automatically classifies and migrates data to the optimum tier of storage based on actual usage.
Advanced Thin Provisioning Advanced Thin Provisioning completely separates storage allocation from utilization, enabling users to allocate any size volume upfront yet only consume physical capacity when data is written.
Continuous Data Protection With Data Instant Replay, you can take an unlimited number of space-efficient “snapshots” to speed the local recovery of lost or deleted files. Once an initial snapshot of a volume is taken, only incremental changes in data need to be captured. These readable and writable Replays are automatically stored on lower cost drives and can be used to recover any size volume to any server in less than 10 seconds.
Thin Replication After initial site synchronization, only incremental changes in data are replicated on an ongoing basis, cutting hardware, bandwidth and administration costs. You can replicate over Fibre Channel or native IP, which brings disaster recovery within reach of every budget.
Intuitive Management Interface Compellent storage systems feature a unified, point-and-click user interface that cuts administration time and eliminates the need for specialized administrative skills.
Storage Resource Management Enterprise Manager simplifies storage resource management by providing comprehensive monitoring and management of all local and remote Compellent systems.
Data Center Automation With aggressive platform integration, ongoing interoperability testing and collaborative design efforts, Compellent delivers best of breed data center automation for industry-leading applications.
Highly Available Architecture Compellent is architected for high availability with fully redundant hardware and advanced failover features.
Unified Block and File Storage The Compellent unified SAN/NAS solution extends the benefit of storage consolidation across the enterprise by combining file-level access with block-level efficiencies.