Based on Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008, Storage Center with NAS is a unified SAN/NAS solution that is ideal for Windows CIFS environments. The solution extends the benefits of storage consolidation across the enterprise by combining file-level access with block-level efficiencies. It enables administrators with file-level requirements to utilize all of the enterprise features of Compellent storage, including Thin Provisioning, Storage Virtualization, Automated Tiered Storage, Replays (continuous snapshots) and Remote Replication.

Combining block and file-level data into a centralized storage platform simplifies management and reduces overall storage cost and complexity. An effective unified storage system is easily integrated, scalable and offers enterprise features not typically available with file-level storage.

Enterprise-Class Storage Features at the File Level

Storage Center with NAS is a fully integrated networked storage solution that extends the benefits of storage consolidation across the enterprise. Now customers with file-level storage requirements can easily utilize all of the enterprise features of the Compellent SAN, including successive Replays (snapshots), automated tiered storage, thin provisioning and remote replication. This unified SAN and NAS solution delivers the high availability, scalability and end-to-end support that customers receive from a Compellent SAN.

  • Enterprise Storage Features at the File Level. Compellent’s unified storage solution offers advanced management of file-level storage including snapshots, automated tiered storage and replication.
  • Lower Server TCO. Consolidate file servers onto a Storage Center with NAS to cut server costs, improve performance and increase manageability.
  • Implement in Minutes, Scale Rapidly. Easily deploy feature-rich file-level storage without network or system downtime. Manage from an intuitive interface and grow easily with Storage Center’s modular hardware architecture.


Features & Benefits   

Automated Tiered Storage Automatically store both block and file-level data on the preferred tier of storage and cut overall storage expenditures
Thin Provisioning Take advantage of a high storage utilization rate with thin provisioned volumes
Successive Snapshots Create a high number of Replays (snapshots) to allow speedy recovery to servers
Thin Replication Setup remote replication in 6 clicks to provide disaster recovery for both block and file data
Storage Consolidation Lowers TCO Reduce overall server hardware, management overhead and associated IT staff costs with a consolidated solution. Cut connectivity costs by connecting to the SAN via Ethernet instead of costly Fibre Channel HBAs.
Implement In Minutes, Reduce Power and Cooling Plug and play solution delivers heterogeneous file sharing and increased client access. Storage Center with NAS is deployed as a diskless server and booted from centralized disks on the Compellent SAN to further simplify management, cut power and cooling requirements and reduce acquisition costs.
Advanced NAS Features Simplify Management Built-in support for NFS and CIFS delivers multi-platform file sharing. File-level de-duplication via single instance storage (SIS), embedded MPIO and VDS Manager simplify overall management.
Reduce the Cost of Downtime Create more recovery points to ensure rapid recovery. Fault tolerance and clustering support for up to 16 nodes deliver high availability. Single contact point for service of entire end-to-end solution lowers management cost and complexity.

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