btn_videoCleanZone Premier is a high performance contamination control zone designed to attract, collect and retain contamination, preventing particles and microbes from getting into your critical areas. Dycem CleanZone is available in a range of attractive designs which means it still looks good between wet cleaning. Suitable for light wheeled traffic and heavier pedestrian flows.  Available in a range of fixed mats or floor coverings to suit the needs of your facilities. Permanently installed, it is the most effective way of controlling all forms of foot borne and wheel borne contamination.

CleanZone Mat deployed at entrance to data center
CleanZone Mat deployed at entrance to data center

This new reusable, recyclable, washable tack mat material not only picks up dirt & small particulates, but dissipates static charge. The solution is much more cost effective than traditional tack mats & environmentally friendly. Used for years in the pharmaceutical industry in R&D and clean room environments, the data center industry is now catching on.

  • Prevents over 99% of contamination from entering your critical area
  • Improved quality of working life due to reduced allergens in the atmosphere
  • Reduced floor and air particle / microbial counts
  • Improved yield, cost savings and profitability
  • Reduced risk of high product rejection rates
  • Dycem products cannot be bypassed and require no overt action

IT industry research conducted by IBM states 70% of computer room related breakdowns are caused by dust. The cost and inconvenience is often significant.

Dycem High Performance Contamination Control Zones help to reduce the amount of particulate entering your critical environment, helping to reduce IT equipment failure rates.

The High Performance Contamination Control Zones are designed to attract airborne particles to its surface and decontaminate soles of personnel shoes and wheels. This contamination is held on the surface until cleaning takes place.

Dycem provides a significant business benefit to all key areas including:

  • Server rooms
  • Communications rooms
  • Critical IT environments subject to pedestrian & wheeled traffic
  • All entrances to prevent the ingress of contamination
  • Inside the critical areas to reduce the amount of airborne particulates

How Dycem works

Dycem uses an advanced polymeric compound that removes and retains contaminants at floor level. Dycem may look dirty between cleaning, but that is the dirt that would otherwise be inside your critical area.

Dycem’s products are effective due to their five “S” principles:

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