The Trellis platform will enable centralized monitoring, management, and capacity planning for data center infrastructure management.

The days of limited views into your critical domains are ending.

Trellis-infrastructure-management-showcaseTapping a technology portfolio of unprecedented depth, Emerson Network Power has created the Trellis platform. This industry-changing new platform, comprised of a family of hardware, software and services, is founded on the vision of effectively erasing the lines between once isolated infrastructure components within the data center. With the goal of achieving a true, single-pane, contextualized, real-time view of data center physical infrastructure, we are building on the significant experience and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) capabilities already available from Emerson Network Power–from the Liebert cooling, power and monitoring solutions to the server firmware, control and data center management solutions from Avocent and Aperture. We are also committing tremendous resources to bringing the new Trellis platform of products and solutions to market. Together, these will create an unprecedented, dynamic infrastructure optimization platform that embraces the interdependencies between the physical and logical layers. The Trellis platform will enable centralized monitoring, management and capacity planning like never seen before.

The Trellis platform is a new way of thinking. A new way of operating. A new way of approaching successful growth and change.

Creating the first holistic DCIM platform for hardware, software and services.

Why Now?

No one can be truly satisfied with the current state of data center management. A 2009 Gartner study found that data centers have, on average, 40% to 60% of unutilized, wasted server rack space and energy use at just 70% of nameplate rating. In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, there’s no excuse for that. Just as there’s no longer a place for the old, inefficient, inflexible and tunnel-vision way of running things.


It’s a radical shift in how organizations approach their infrastructure. Change is now the driving force behind IT. Scale up. Scale down. Virtualize. Increase density. Shift load. And, only the organization that can be instantly flexible with utter confidence will thrive. Now add in the increasing pressure to control operating costs at the same time. This is the inspiration behind the Trellis platform. Its interconnected components will provide unflinching visibility into all parts of the infrastructure. It will end the “compartmentalized decision-making” of siloed operations. It will close the gap between IT and facilities, enabling holistic, real-time management for peak optimization.

Trellis Bridging Facility and IT Management

The Trellis platform bridges the gap between IT and facilities, virtual and physical, reactive and proactive.

Optimize Infrastructure with Confidence

  • Maximize infrastructure investments
  • Improve efficiency without added risk
  • Dynamically adapt data center infrastructures without increased cost
  • Plan and manage capacity in real time
  • Ensure availability of business-critical services
  • Extend functional life of existing infrastructure

Simply Manage Complexity

  • Minimize risks associated with change
  • Increase visibility for informed decision-making
  • Consolidate control over facilities and IT infrastructures
  • Proactively manage an increasingly dynamic environment
  • Reduce cost of achieving service levels
  • Improve productivity of people and processes

Dynamically Scale and Extend Across a Common Platform

The Trellis platform is being designed as a future-proof investment. It is infrastructure agnostic and readily extensible via standards-based Web APIs and connectors to handle real-time information from disparate systems. And, the scalable architecture will be ready to handle any new developments in Trellis-ready hardware and software.

Trellis-Ready Products

  • Aperture Suite of Products: Proactively manage capacity and utilization and economically bring about expansion and consolidation. These proven products offer an integrated, single source for individual and global enterprise-level data center configuration, capacity, power, process, planning and management.
  • Avocent Data Center Planner: Plan and achieve consolidation, virtualization and energy efficiency goals. This arms companies with the flexible monitoring and reporting needed to better visually model the effects of change on efficiencies.
  • DSView 3 Management Software: Centralized management control necessary for the 24/7 data center. Enables secure, out-of-band, centralized management of all connected IT and network devices in today’s often complex and geographically dispersed data centers.
  • Power Manager Plug-In: Detailed power and environmental information and control at your fingertips. Monitor and measure IT energy consumption and determine costs and trends across all levels within data centers and remote locations.
  • Liebert SiteScan: Monitor and control precision cooling, power, UPS and other critical equipment. Features include real-time monitoring and control, data analysis and trend reporting and event management.
  • Liebert Nform: Monitor any SNMP device that supports a network interface. Authenticated alarm management and event notification ensures that alarms are detected and acted upon, which allows problems to be quickly resolved.

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