Enlogic-logoEnlogic exists to draw awareness to the rack and more specifically the PDU to make significant energy savings, proving that small things can make a big difference. It is better to accurately measure energy consumption and proactively ensure operating efficiency. This creates a new freedom to explore technologies that optimize server performance. There is also a strong argument for increasing the temperature in the data center by one degree without compromising reliability.

Enlogic-pduSome of the more common parts within the Enlogic family are:

  •  Enlogic PDUs The Enlogic energy metering PDU is far more than a simple power distribution unit and energy meter. Enlogic’s intelligent PDUs sit within the rack actively monitoring the data center environment, continually looking for threats from electrical circuit overloads, and any physical and environmental conditions which might place critical IT computing loads at risk. Enlogic’s intelligent PDUs provide comprehensive, accurate energy measurement data needed to efficiently utilize power resources, make informed capacity planning decisions, improve uptime, measure PUE (power usage effectiveness) and drive green data center initiatives that could save power and money.

    iPDU-features-exploded-view-fullContact PTS to assist you in determining which Enlogic PDU’s have the features you need and want in your hosting environment. PTS will be able to provide more information and product pricing based on your requirements.

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    Enlogic  Low Profile, Space Saving Intelligent PDU
    Enlogic-designed intelligent PDUs are designed with ultra-low profile form factor for space savings when installed in the IT cabinet. In this video, the 3 PDU models are installed in an APC AR3100 cabinet with an HP C7000 blade chassis.
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    Enlogic iPDU Features
    See the features and technology that set Enlogic iPDUs apart from the competition.
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    The Intelligent Choice for Data Center Power
    Learn the basic functions of a Power Distribution Unit (PDU), and why Enlogic iPDUs are the smarter choice for any Data Center environment.
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    Enlogic iPDUs: Save Time, Money, and Energy
    Learn how Enlogic iPDUs increase your operational efficiency and improve accuracy.
  • Enlogic-power-cordEnlogic locking IEC power cords provide protection against accidental power loss of your attached IT equipment when used with any Enlogic PDU or APC® AP8000 Series PDU. The locking IEC plugs into the PDU outlet with a locking tab feature; a method very similar used in standard ethernet cables to positively secure the connection. Meanwhile, the cord connector positively locks into the attached equipment power inlet without the need for supplemental retaining clips.
    Enlogic’s Locking IEC Power Cables
    Enlogic’s Locking IEC Power Cables
    Enlogic’s two-way locking IEC power cords provide security against accidental power loss of your attached IT equipment.
  • Enlogic-inline-energy-meterEnlogic Inline Energy Meters The EZ1000 Series Inline Energy Meter quickly and effectively upgrades your basic PDU or stand-alone equipment with watt-hour energy metering, real-time power monitoring & network alarms, plus comprehensive environmental management capability. Simply install the inline meter between the main incoming power connection and the PDU or stand-alone equipment to add state-of-the-art energy management capability to your legacy equipment.
  • Enlogic Sensors Add comprehensive environmental and access monitoring to your data center rack environment with Enlogic intelligent sensors. Every Enlogic Rack PDU and Inline Energy Enlogic-sensorMeter is designed to accommodate up to 6 sensor probes per unit. Each sensor is engineered with an embedded microchip allowing plug & play installation and analog signal processing for extended range and maximum measurement accuracy.

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