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ExaGrid offers the only disk-based backup appliance with data deduplication purpose-built for backup that leverages a unique architecture optimized for performance, scalability and price. The combination of post-process deduplication, most recent backup cache, and GRID scalability enables IT departments to achieve the shortest backup window and the fastest, most reliable restores, tape copy, and disaster recovery without performance degradation or forklift upgrades as data grows. With offices and distribution worldwide, ExaGrid has more than 2,400 systems installed at 600 customers, and more than 150 published customer success stories.

  • ExaGrid EX Series The ExaGrid system is a cost effective and scalable disk-based backup solution that works with your existing backup application. ExaGrid combines high quality SATA drives, compression, byte-level data deduplication and a scalable GRID architecture for fast, reliable and secure backups and restores at 30 percent the cost of standard SATA storage.