The Force10 E-Series switch/routers provide best-in-class resiliency, unmatched scalability, line-rate performance and full L2 switching and IPv4/IPv6 routing. Based on revolutionary system architecture that combines fully distributed hardware and modular software, the E-Series switch/routers ensure predictable application performance, increase network availability and reduce operating costs. These switches are suitable for data center carrier Ethernet core and/or aggregation.

The Force10 E-Series sets a new standard for high performance switch/routers with unmatched scalability to 1,260 Gigabit Ethernet or 224 Ten Gigabit Ethernet ports per chassis, consistent performance with ACLs on all ports, and full L2 switching and L3 routing. These groundbreaking products simplify network applications from server/cluster consolidation, grid computing, campus backbones, and next-generation data centers.

The Force10 E-Series E1200/E600 provides 56.25 Gigabits per second per slot and the E300 delivers 25 Gigabits per second per slot. All deliver predictable line-rate performance with any combination of features enabled, deterministic low latency and jitter, robust L2/L3 functionality, and the resiliency to thwart denial of service (DoS) attacks. Built upon the powerful and cost-effective Force10 architecture, the E-Series sets the industry standard both for resiliency and performance.

The Force10 E-Series Architecture


The Force10 E-Series Architecture delivers line-rate performance, cost-effective scalability, and robust L2 switching and L3 routing:

  • Three CPU Route Processor delivers best-in-class resiliency and security
  • Scalable, non-blocking switch fabric enables the low latency and jitter critical for streaming media applications
  • High performance Force10 ASICs distribute packet forwarding, ACL processing, QoS, and buffering to every line card
  • Robust L2/L3 multiprocessor control plane with innovative control traffic filtering and rate limiting capabilities
  • Cost-effective, reliable passive copper backplane technology maximizes system reliability and minimizes cost
  • High availability features include hot-swap of all key components and system-wide environmental monitoring, maximizing system uptime and serviceability

PTS’ technical design and deployment approach includes a consultative assessment, plan, and design approach to confirm the right product for purchase and deployment within the data center or computer room. Our approach follows an eleven step process:

Data Center Consulting Data Center Design and Engineering Data Center Products Data Center Construction Data Center Commissioning Data Center Implementation Data Center Monitoring and Control Data Center Operations and Maintenance


Features & Benefits
The Force10 ExaScale E-Series Switching and Routing platform provides the following features and benefits:

The Force10 E-Series delivers unparalleled Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet port densities. The E1200/E600 support 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports or 16 10 GbE ports per line card slot and up to 14 and 7 line card slots per chassis respectively. The E300 supports 48 GbE ports or eight 10 GbE port per line card slot and up to six line card slots per chassis. Highest Ethernet Density
With six custom Force10 ASICs and advanced Ternary Content Addressable Memories (TCAM) on every line card, the Force10 E-Series provides line-rate, non-blocking forwarding performance across all ports, even with all features enabled simultaneously. Line-Rate Performance
Force10 ASICs, E-Series architecture and FTOS software work in unison to give robust L2 switching and L3 routing functionality to the E-Series with the scalability and security required for applications spanning the LAN, MAN, and Internet-connected WAN. Full L2 Switching / L3 Routing

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