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Forecast Consoles’ Sightline Monitor Wall System is the perfect solution for monitoring requirements both now and in the future.

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The dynamic system considers your needs, your concerns, and your dollars by allowing for easy expansion and future reconfigurations with minimal downtime. Sightline Monitor Wall System was designed by an Engineering Team to serve the changing landscape for monitor wall configurations. To accomplish that, the special bracket and extrusion are available in your choice of mounting options. Sightline can be configured in an array of options.


Features & Benefits

5 Flexible Configurations Adaptable for wall mounted, floor mounted, console based, cabinet based, and freestanding configurations
Steel and Aluminum Construction Assures the strength and safety of your monitor wall
Standardized Components Allow for easy reconfiguration and expansion
Integrated Cableways Keeps wire runs accessible while still hidden from view
Readily Available

Standard parts allow for quick-ship and easy installation

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