PRIMERGY RX Rack Servers – the perfect platform to build-up dynamic infrastructures for your business processes today and in the coming decade. Built upon industry standards, they focus on these core features: energy efficiency, reliability, optimized for virtualization, ease of operation and maintenance, flexibility for your future. Thus they notably meet your requirements for outstanding cost efficiency. Optimal operating costs and long-term usability comply with the IT quality required by your customers. With our tailor-made service packages you can rely on the best support for your IT.

The PRIMERGY RX rack server product line includes the following platforms:


Cost optimized and highly modular multi usage rack server
Data centers are increasingly seeking platform solutions that have minimal impact on their budgets and are easy to implement and run. PRIMERGY RX100 S6 is the right answer. The RX100 S6 meets the needs of business applications with its technical developments, such as Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® processor 3400 series and the new Dual-Core Intel® Core™ i3 processor, integrated RAID 0/1/5/6 and a memory of up to 32 GB. Dependable server performance for today and tomorrow. It unites the advantages of low-cost SATA or SAS/SSD hard disk technology with a space-saving 1U chassis and a depth of less than 60 cm. Integrated network and management functions together with the latest power saving technologies make the system ideal for infrastructure solutions for customers with limited budgets. Get 24/7 dependability.


The PRIIMERGY RX200 S6 for maximum productivity – if efficiency is the key decision factor.
More performance, higher expandability and greater reliability packed in a flat rack housing of only 1 U – with a significantly improved performance / power consumption ratio. The innovative PRIMERGY Cool-safe™ system design provides the right answers on the “burning” issues energy consumption and cooling in data centers. The result: sustainable high server performance, long life components, fewer data center cooling requirements. The top performance of the new Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 Series can be fully exploited in high-level memory and hard disk configurations.



The PRIMERGY RX300 S6 is a 2U rack server which has been optimized for virtualization purposes. It provides high, scalable I/O performance, extensive memory options, support for major hypervisor products and top performance with latest Intel® technology. In other words: 7xPCIe Gen2 prevent I/O bottlenecks, up to 192 GB of memory allow for optimal sizing of virtual environments and latest Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series CPUs deliver top performance.

With its Cool-safe™ design elements like optimized cooling of the system and highly efficient power supplies the PRIMERGY RX300 S6 is the right system to face Green IT challenges.

This 2U powerhouse is also an excellent choice for business-critical processes or heavy-duty applications such as databases.



Scalability and balanced composition ensure your growth
The PRIMERGY RX600 S5 is a high performance and highly expandable Quad-socket rack server that combines balanced scalability for Memory, I/O and processing power with enhanced server reliability.

RX600 S5 is designed for heavy lifting work, providing customers in the upper-mid-market as well as large enterprises an ideal platform for running performance-hungry back-end services, such as large database systems, ERP and CRM applications, e-commerce systems or as a corporate messaging platform. In addition, consolidating multiple systems or workloads on to fewer, more powerful servers using latest virtualization technologies can now be achieved with even higher rationalization efficiency thanks to doubled up memory ceiling and 8 times improved I/O bandwidth.

The RX600 S5 implements the latest Intel® Xeon 7500 series architecture in a dense 4U rack form factor.



It starts where 4 socket servers end up!
The Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX900 S1 is a highly scalable 8-socket rack server based on Intel® Xeon® Processor 7500 series. Ideally designed for mission critical back-end services, scale-up enterprise workloads and high performance database processing.

The RX900 S1 extends far beyond the four-socket x86 server class and offers the greatest benefit with Enterprise Edition / Advanced Platform editions of Windows Server ® 2008 R2, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or VMware® vSphere. It provides high scalability and high performance with 64 cores, memory expansion up to 1 TB and aggregated I/O bandwidth of 100 gigabytes per second, as well as 14x PCIex8 and 2x 10 GbEthernet onboard. Very large corporate databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 etc. and heavy load transaction processing applications will benefit most from the efficient scalability and the high I/O bandwidth of the RX900 S1.

The design and the outstanding performance, as well as support for the leading Enterprise Virtualization suites, such as VMware, Hyper-V and Xen, make the PRIMERGY RX900 an ideal platform that drives the economical benefits of x86 industry standards to the next frontiers.


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