PRIMERGY TX industry standard tower servers: efficient, rock solid, record-breaking performance. TX servers reach industry – leading performance per watt ratios, lowering the environmental impact and running costs. Local or remote management via PRIMERGY ServerView Suite saves IT admin costs. PRIMERGY towers provide plenty of scope for expansion and are also available in rack-mountable form.

The PRIMERGY TX tower server product line includes the following platforms:


Enter the world of servers – now with 0-Watt power consumption 

PRIMERGY TX100 S2: enter the world of servers. It is the perfect system for SMEs looking to centralize their IT infrastructure, and offers a great price-performance ratio. Moreover, the TX100 S2 is incredibly silent making it an excellent choice for any office environment. With its revolutionary 0-Watt functionality in off-mode and an 88% efficient power supply unit, the TX100 S2 minimizes costs and the environmental impact.

The use of data security features such as ECC memory and optional RAID 5/6 ensures around-the-clock reliability. Finally, the TX100 S2 offers a choice of Intel® processors suited to the needs of SMEs. Step into the world of PRIMERGY servers.



The PRIMERGY TX120 S2 carries on the TX120 tradition of space-saving, energy-saving and low noise. It even improves on its innovative predecessor by achieving the same performance but consuming 25% less power. It does so, thanks to the the carefully crafted cooling concept and the use of Intel® Core™2 Duo processors P8400 (25W) or T9400 (35W).

The TX120 S2 key features make it a perfect fit for use in small offices, retail premises or libraries. Sporting up to 4x 320 GB SATA or 146 GB 15 000 rpm SAS hard disk drives, it can easily meet most storage requirements, at the right price. Its up to 16GB of RAM easily enable it to run it typical small business applications.

On-board iRMC2 remote management makes the TX120 S2 a great choice for branch premises connected to a centralized infrastructure. The PRIMERGY TX120 S2: a compact server with great potential!



Well-balanced price-performance
The PRIMERGY TX200 S6 is a perfect server for small or decentralized infrastructures in an attractive family design. The PRIMERGY TX200 S6 offers expandability, energy efficiency and dual processor performance.

With up to 16 2.5” hard disks, you can save on an external storage unit.

The high energy efficiency minimizes costs. Moreover, a maximum of 96GB of RAM, redundancy features, and dual-processor performance allow you to make a great start into virtualization. The PRIMERGY TX200 S6 also lends itself as a departmental, email or web server. A tower to rack conversion kit protects your investment’s lifetime. This great system strikes the right balance between price and performance.



The PRIMERGY TX300 S6 is a no compromise tower server offering maximum levels of performance, expandability and availability. It combines the performance of the latest generation Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series, with the expandability offered by 7 fast PCIe Gen 2 slots. Continuity comes from the modular RAID, redundant dual LAN and optional redundant hot-plug power supply and fans.

Fujitsu’s pioneering experience in Green IT, benefits you by lowering running costs and keeping the energy efficiency high. These are achieved via the power supply with 92% energy efficiency, a nearly cable-less motherboard and state of the art power management features. The PRIMERGY TX300 S6: the right platform for business-critical remote sites.


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