Enterprise-level functions in a series of mid-range system models. Excellent growth capacity, very high reliability, top performance – these are just a few benefits of these well-tailored disk storage systems.

In today’s business world, your company faces many challenging issues including increasing data storage and management costs. Compliance with new laws and internal governance may place additional demands on data protection and security. Meeting your corporate social responsibilities by tackling environmental issues could also be a serious concern. With best-in-class performance, scalability, and reliability, ETERNUS DX400 series realize large-scale storage consolidation and enterprise-class storage solutions in a midrange system.

ETERNUS DX410/DX440 disk storage systems continue the Fujitsu success story in the mid-range segment. This generation of RAID systems offers a high degree of data storage reliability. In combination with proven software delivering, ETERNUS DX410/DX440 disk storage systems offer the sturdiness you need in dynamic infrastructures. A rapid increase in storage capacity will be no problem for the world’s fastest dual controller mid-range disk storage system (ETERNUS DX440; cf. SPC-1). ETERNUS DX410/DX440 disk storage systems are suitable for a large range of applications. With their Eco-mode which uses the MAID technology, ETERNUS DX410/DX440 disk storage systems are some of the most energy efficient storage systems in their class.

Features & Benefits


Family Concept

  • Fujitsu ETERNUS DX family from entry-level to enterprise-level systems
  • Simplifies administration: you know one model – you know the whole family
  • High-end features are also available in mid-range and entry systems

Performance & Capacity

  • World’s best price/performance ratio (cf. SPC-1)
  • Large storage capacity to grow (from 8 up to 420 drives)

Multi-Platform Support

  • Multi-platform support for server and operating systems
  • Perfect for a large range of applications in heterogeneous environments

Data Integrity

  • Data Block Guard
  • Ensures maximum data integrity on drives, in cache and during the transfer
  • Guarantees consistency of all stored data

Data Security

  • Data Encryption
  • Protection of sensitive data
  • Simple and cost effective

Data Protection & Availability

  • A variety of high-speed volume copy functions
  • Redundant Copy
  • High availability and business continuity
  • Disaster Recovery Scenarios
  • Ensures data redundancy by solving the problem of long recovery times within a RAID group due to increasing capacity of drives

Flexible Management

  • RAID Migration
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Move data to fast or low-priced drives for easy adaption to changing requirements
  • Use the most appropriate RAID level
  • Capacity virtualization which enables better utilization of resources with no disruption to operations

Green IT

  • Eco-mode with MAID technology (drive spin down)
  • Very easy to handle
  • Eco-mode conserves energy and costs


  • Advanced Copy Manager (ACM)
  • Storage Cruiser (SC)
  • Disk Space Monitor
  • ETERNUS SF reduces total cost of ownership by managing the operation of ETERNUS DX disk storage systems. ETERNUS SF achieves business continuity and optimizes storage resources in complex IT environments.

Dynamic Infrastructures

  • Comprehensive IT portfolio (Server, Storage, Networking, Solutions, Services and flexible delivering models)
  • We optimize our customers’ infrastructures by focusing on the customers’ individual business requirements
  • Comprehensive look on the whole data center – not only to optimize customers Data Center – but to meet his business needs

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