No-Limits-Software-logoNo Limits Software is a leading provider of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions, including asset and change management, capacity planning and real-time monitoring.  Their RaMP DCIM solution provides auto-discovery of detailed asset configuration, reducing data collection time and cost as well as increasing the accuracy of the data.
RaMP automates change management and provides real-time sensor data such as power, CPU utilization, and environmental conditions.  RaMP’s ability to manage everything from the virtual machine to the IT equipment (servers, storage, and network) to the power and cooling infrastructure helps you to understand and more effectively operate your data center.
No Limits Software solutions are fully scalable and all data is fully accessible via published web services API to allow you to easily integrate the solutions with your existing data center management platforms.

RaMP 3.6 provides a number of new features including a new data center view!

Company History

RaMP-Data-Center-Management-SolutionNo Limits Software was founded in 2009 by David Cole, a recognized industry leader in data center real-time management solutions. The Advantage Group, the previous company he founded, provided solutions for leading companies around the world before being acquired in 2007 by Aperture Technologies (now a division of Emerson Network Power).

Understanding that 80% of issues in the data center stem from changes and that 80% of the mean time to repair these issues is trying to determine what changed, the No Limits Software team recognized the need to automate the asset management process. Besides providing continually updated configuration data for problem resolution, the RaMP solution provides more detailed, actionable data with 100% accuracy.

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  • No Limits Software Rack Management Platform (RaMP) is different than other DCIM solutions in three important areas:
    1. Auto-discovery – RaMP’s ability to auto-discover detailed data at the device level greatly reduces setup time and cost while increasing the accuracy of the data. RaMP auto-discovery is agentless and can be set up in minutes.
    2. Automated change management – RaMP can automatically recognize changes such as hardware configuration (server memory added, for example), firmware upgrades, software installed or uninstalled, virtual machine movement, and can even detect when a network cable has been moved to another port.  This ensures that the data stays accurate throughout the hardware lifecycle.
    3. Real-time monitoring of both IT and Facilities – RaMP can monitor virtual machines, IT equipment (servers, network, storage) and Facilities equipment (power, cooling, security, environmental) using a wide range of protocols including SNMP, Modbus, BACnet, IPMI, iLO, WMI, WBEM, SSH, and integrations with VMware vCenter and Cisco UCS Manager.
  • No Limits Software RaMP Asset allows you to manage your data center assets, from virtual machines to IT equipment (servers, storage, network) to facilities equipment (power, cooling). Lay out your data center with the easy to use editor. Populate the racks to provide rack level asset management.
  • No Limits Software RaMP Power discovers and manages all SNMP power equipment including rack PDUs, PDUs, and UPSs, as well as environmental monitors. Lay out your data center with the easy to use editor and track power and temperature by cabinet.