Powertron Global™ is a leader in refrigeration nanoscience.

Powertron Global’s solutions are scientifically proven including long-term customer history, third party verification, with total portfolio success. PermaFrost® is the only industry-proven patented nanotechnology that permanently increases COP, SEER, and Delta T through thermodynamic metal enhancement.

PermaFrost NMR™ is a multi-patented nanotechnology surface science Energy Control Measure (ECM) that uses Nucleo Molecular Regenerative (NMR) technology as its core agent. A sustainable, one-time treatment with no down time required, PermaFrost NMR™ lasts for the remaining life of any type of system in which it is installed – DX (direct expansion air and chilled water systems), Chillers (screw, reciprocating, scroll and centrifugal), heat pumps, ice making equipment. Specialized applications include computer room cooling and dehumidification systems, chiller plants (water and ice production applications), domestic and industrial refrigeration (ammonia low and ultra low temperature), air-cooled single application water chillers and split and package rooftop HVAC equipment.

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  • PermaFrost NMR™ Refrigeration Solutions Powertron Global offers PermaFrost NMR™ Refrigeration Solutions in synthetic and non-synthetic formulations. PermaFrost Nucleo Molecular Regenerative (NMR) technology was designed to improve the performance for any A/C, refrigeration system, or heat pump without modification or alterations. The NMR technology uses nanotechnology to increase SEER, COP, and Delta T through thermo-conductive metal enhancement.