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With everything PTS does, it believes in challenging the status quo. PTS chooses to think differently by believing every company, no matter the size, can operate its own highly effective, resilient, and easy to manage data center. The PTS team knows it can be done simply and for a reasonable cost. PTS understands the proper balance between insourcing and outsourcing facilities, technology, and people.

It helps that PTS has world class design, engineering, construction, and management staff across both facility and IT disciplines. It also helps that PTS has the facilities and IT experience having integrated and tested many of the best-of-breed technologies the industry has to offer in our very own data center lab.

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  • Data Center Maintenance Management Solution (DCMMS) PTS’ Data Center Maintenance Management Software (DCMMS) solution provides a complete & integrated management platform for operational maintenance of a data center and its support infrastructure. Our goal in the development of this software is to provide a best-in-class solution aimed specifically at providing data center managers with a tool to manage all aspects of support infrastructure maintenance within the data center.