Safely Manage Your Enterprise Servers With Ease

As rack equipment grows in size and weight so too grow the risks of serious employee injury and equipment damage. That’s why leading data centers depend on RackLift. During your next data center migration or relocation, don’t chance unsafe practices with your valuable employees. Leave the critical task of migrating heavy enterprise servers to RackLift. By giving your people the proper tools to work safely you are also increasing their productivity by as much as 400%.

Bi-directional sliding tray now standard on Racklift 600RS!

RackLift is an indispensable tool for data centers and head end facilities. A 3-step system allows you to quickly, safely and easily insert communications equipment into a rack. Place the gear on the RackLift platen, raise the load to the desired level and slide it into the rack for mounting.
Racklift server lift
For your convenience and safety the winch is equipped with an auto break system which locks instantly when the user lets go of the handle. RackLift contains 4 ratchet straps to secure the load for transport. Four swivel casters allow for easy rolling and cornering. Two of them lock to prevent movement when raising or lowering loads. Heavy duty slide rails easily extend and hold the load into the receiving rack for installation or removal.
The new RackLift construction features an “open back design” to give you three advantages:

  1. Since there are no back braces, your over-sized load can be centered and balanced on the lift table during transport.
  2. Transporting long servers in tight data center aisles can be done “in line” as opposed to perpendicular to the aisle. (Like our side-loading competitors.)
  3. The bidirectional tray can slide in either direction giving you more options when you arrive at the rack.

RackLift Benefits

  • Far less expensive than powered units
  • No electrical components to fail
  • No batteries to charge
  • Light weight, small footprint
  • Reduces lost-time injuries
  • Improve employee morale
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces equipment damage
  • Accurate alignment
  • Easy-to-use powerful hand crank
  • Crank auto-locks when handle is released
  • Lift up to 650 lbs.
  • Precise height control
  • Slide equipment into rack on glide rails
  • Fits into standard 19″ racks
  • Security straps for enhanced safety

10 Things To Know Before
Buying A Data Center Lift System