PowerBar’s Medium Power range is a 690V, totally encased, non-ventilated, air insulated construction that can be supplied with either copper or aluminum conductor. It is available from 160A to 800A with Ingress Protection of IP55.

PowerBar is a patented range of busbar trunking utilized within building and industrial applications to deliver power to electrical loads. As an alternative to traditional cabling, PowerBar provides savings on space, installation time and life cycle cost. The development of our PowerBar range simplifies the client journey, allowing them to deal with E+I Engineering for all of their power distribution needs. PowerBar products are built with patented processes that make it the most reliable form of busbar trunking to provide the optimum solution to your distribution requirements.

The PowerBar product range provides power distribution solutions from 160A to 6600A with Ingress Protection options up to IP68.

PowerBar’s iMPB range is a 400V open track busway, available in two configurations from 160A to 800A. Enclosed in an aluminium casing with Ingress Protection of IP-2X, iMPB is most commonly utilized in data center applications where flexibility of electrical distribution and security of supply is paramount. The iMPB range offers advanced metering capability through integrated total and individual circuit monitoring along the busway.

Download E+I Intelligent Medium PowerBar Documentation (PDF)

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