The Panduit® FiberRunner® Cable Routing System ensures maximum network reliability. Robust, highly engineered components with integral bend radius control surfaces can be configured to meet any network application.


Some of the more common parts within Panduit FiberRunner family are:


Panduit 12×4 FiberRunner® Routing System – Channel and Cover

  • Panduit-FiberRunner-channel-and-coverRobust, large capacity 12×4 system ideal for use with large cable counts
  • Multiple spillout options provide versatility to mate to various equipment and rack configurations
  • QuikLock™ Couplers and Brackets reduce system installation time dramatically
  • Channel, covers, fittings and other non-metallic system components made from V-0 flame class rated material
  • Compatible with all sizes of Panduit FiberRunner and Panduit Fiber-Duct™ Routing Systems, cable management, and racks
  • Compliant with the applicable tests in Telcordia GR-63-CORE Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) Level 3
  • For other standard colors replace suffix YL (Yellow) with OR (Orange) or BL (Black)

Panduit® FiberRunner® Cable Routing System

Panduit 12×4 FiberRunner® System Fittings

  • Panduit-FiberRunner-system-fittingsMinimum 2″ (50.8mm) bend radius control fittings
  • Protect against signal loss and performance degradation
  • Assemble using FRBC QuikLock™ Couplers
  • Optional split covers snap onto each fitting
  • Covers feature 3/4″ (19mm) gap to allow cable to be laid in
  • For other standard colors replace suffix YL (Yellow) with OR (Orange) or BL (Black)

Panduit 12×4 FiberRunner® Mounting Brackets – FR12ACAB

  • Panduit-FiberRunner-mounting-bracketUsed to support the 12×4 system, dual 6×4, or dual 4×4 systems attaching to the top of cabinets
  • Adjustable from 4 1/4″ (108mm) to 12″ (305mm) allowing runs to be leveled over uneven cabinet heights
  • Allows spillouts, such as vertical tee to be positioned directly over cable inlets on cabinet tops
  • Bracket is secured to the cabinet frame with through bolts (not included)
  • Pre-assembled slide clamps enable fast assembly to channel
  • Use 7/16″ nut driver on slide clamps

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