All Firelock fireproof modular vault chamber components have been tested and certified to be rated at least Class 125 Two Hour. This means the temperature inside the vault will remain below 125°F for at least a two hour period, even if temperatures outside the vault reach 2,000°F.



The following is a list of Vaulting Components.

Patented modular panel system

The wall and roof panels utilize ceramic fiber, a high-temperature industrial insulating material, as the key to stopping heat migration in a catastrophic fire.

The inside face of all panels have a steel vapor barrier to ensure steam (from water sprinkler discharge or fire-fighting efforts) does not enter the vault chamber. All vaults are custom designed to meet the exact size requirements of each client.

Firelock-double-door-assemblyDouble door assembly

There is no single door that will achieve the stringent Class 125 rating, so a combination of fire-rated doors is employed to reach this level of protection for computer server rooms.

Automatic door closers

Firelock-automatic-door-closersIt is very possible that no one will be in the data center when the building is evacuated. To ensure the vault is sealed when fire strikes, an automatic door closer is installed on both doors. The door closers are activated when their internal sensors detect:

  • Heat
  • Smoke
  • Flammable gas
  • Power failure

Insulated self-sealing cable penetrations
This is an area that must be sealed when exposed to heat. Firelock modular server vaulting is equipped with ceramic fiber insulated assemblies with PVC conduit and heat-reactive expanding caulking. This is the same type of self-sealing conduit penetration that is used in nuclear power plants to safeguard critical areas.
Insulated self-closing damper assemblies for air duct entry points
A three stage insulated damper assembly is used to prevent heat migration through air duct entry points. These insulated dampers can be located wherever they’re needed for providing fresh make up air or removing warm air from heat-generating servers, to help keep the server room temperature in the optimum range.
Firelock-insulated-self-sealing-coolant-line-penetrationsInsulated self-sealing coolant line penetrations
If a split HVAC system is used in the data center, such as a Liebert unit, an insulated conduit penetration is used to protect the vulnerable area where the coolant lines enter the vault chamber.
Firelock-uni-strut-track-cable-managementUni-strut track for mounting cable management systems
By welding Uni-strut directly to the roof panels inside the Firelock vault, server vaults can be outfitted with neat and efficient overhead cable management systems. This eliminates the need for costly raised floor systems and protects cables from the threat of water exposure in a flood.

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