Blade made easy.
Tailor-made for the mid-market.

fujitsu-primergy-BX_05The Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX400 is a versatile IT infrastructure in a box. As complete small business infrastructure, the blade server saves time and money from the start. No extra resources are needed to manage it.

Fewer wires, less power consumption and a much smaller footprint:

For businesses looking for a smart, affordable alternative to efficiently support their processes, the PRIMERGY BX400 has to be the IT infrastructure of choice. The system provides an optimal combination of up to eight server- and storage blades as well as connection blades in a small enclosure of 6U and is characterized by a comprehensive user-friendly concept with a simple option for installation and administration.

A modular design makes this blade server infrastructure ideal for use in office and data center environments, combining leading-edge technology with impressive I/O flexibility and bandwidth. The PRIMERGY BX400 box is available in two different versions. The rack version integrates effortlessly into industry-standard 19-inch Fujitsu and third-party racks. In addition, low noise levels mean that the free-standing version can sit unobtrusively under the desk in conventional offices – and no-one will notice. Both models can be fitted with the same PRIMERGY BX server, storage and connection blades.

Download Fujitsu BX400 S1 Blade Server Datasheet (PDF) 

Easy-to-use The PRIMERGY BX400 offers a comprehensive user-friendly approach. The simple installation and administration processes with intuitive user interfaces help to save time and money during day-to-day operations and spent less time on a great number of IT maintenance tasks.
Green IT The PRIMERGY BX400 offers customers an energy-efficient IT infrastructure to reduce the electric bill, minimize the loads on the climatization and reduce the IT-related CO2 emissions.
Modular Design A modular infrastructure with investment protection for flexible growth scenarios for use in both data centers and conventional office environments. It provides more capacity while requiring less space.
Cost Sensitive The consolidated design of the PRIMERGY BX400 is more cost efficient with lower operating costs compared with conventional server, storage and network solutions.

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