The Advanced Blade Ecosystem

fujitsu-primergy-BX_06The PRIMERGY Blade Ecosystem is the perfect choice for solutions with main demands for a reliable and stable platform, which supports state-of-the-art technology. The Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX600 Blade Server is a scalable 19- inch rack system with 7 height units and can be equipped with up to ten server blades. Both energy-efficient and high-performance Dual- and Quad-Core processors from Intel and AMD can be used in the server blades. The great ranges of usable processor configurations enable the PRIMERGY BX600 Blade Server to meet a large number of requirements that are typical for data center applications. Ethernet and Fibre Channel networks can be accessed via 4 slots at the rear of the chassis.

The system is particularly suited for customers, who want to reduce their costs for power and cooling, as well as consolidate the previous IT infrastructure and thus reduce network and cable complexity in the data center.

Download Fujitsu BX600 S3 Blade Server Datasheet (PDF)

Compact blade design Highly integrated IT infrastructure simplifies the implementation, provision and administration of servers, network and storage components.
Innovative design to reduce existing network and cable complexity.
Investment protection & scalability Investment protection thanks to continuity in the development of server, connection and storage blades.
Central management and administration of the entire solution for maximum system reliability and availability.
Large selection of Ethernet and Fibre Channel Switch Blades and
Pass-Thru Blades.
High performance & flexibility High performance and flexibility thanks to the combination options of various server blades in a chassis.
Possible selection of server blades to meet data center working requirements optimally.
Energy-efficient design Energy-efficient operation puts less strain on the data center air conditioning and reduces your budget. Easy administration and management of data center power and cooling helps to set up environmentally friendly infrastructures.
Powerful architecture High performance with up to two Dual-, Quad and Six-Core processors, better energy efficiency and lower costs for the most demanding applications
Efficient server management PRIMERGY ServerView® Suite offers functions which ensure almost fully automated, failsafe and flexible operation of servers.
It provides functions for the entire lifecycle of servers and offers considerable cost benefits yet simultaneously a high level of user friendliness.

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