The Dynamic Cube

The PRIMERGY BX900 – Dynamic Cube is a complete Dynamic Server Infrastructure in a single blade cube. This blade server can be dynamically adapted to different IT requirements, thereby reducing costs while increasing your IT agility.

fujitsu-primergy-BX_04The PRIMERGY BX900 with latest Intel® Xeon® processor equipped systems can accommodate up to 18 server blades in a 10U chassis. Using Cool -safe™, our trademarked cooling concept, combined with power supplies with 90% efficiency and the embedded ServerView Power management software, it ensures truly dynamic power and cooling capabilities that save you money.

Provided with the latest Intel® Virtualization Technology, very large memory capacities and state-of-the-art I/O performance, the PRIMERGY BX900 is optimized for any virtualization scenario. Its density and stacking ability enable flexible scaling to ensure complete investment protection.

Download Fujitsu BX900 S1 Blade Server Datasheet (PDF)

Dynamic Power & Cooling
Using our Cool-safe™ cooling concept, combined with over 90% efficient power supplies and the embedded ServerView Power Management software, it ensures real dynamic power & cooling.
Save energy costs
Dynamic Virtualization
Equipped with the Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 and 7500 series, very large memory capacities and state of the art I/O performance, the PRIMERGY BX900 is optimized for any virtualization scenario on the one hand, and for resource hungry applications on the other hand.
Easily deploy more or larger virtual and physical machines than ever before and in this way increase your IT performance
Dynamic High Availability
Due to its fully redundant design (MMBs, NICs, Fans, PSUs) and in combination with ServerView Resource Coordinator Virtual Edition (RCVE) and the ServerView Resource Orchestrator (ROR), the PRIMERGY BX900 can completely protect itself against any possible failure; at the same time it excels with the fastest automatic recovery, and with an allocation of its available resources to services, according to requirements.
Best availability, most effective server protection and the agility to adapt to changing requirements
Dynamic Scalability
With space for up to 18 Server Blades, 8 Connection Blades, 6 power supply units and 2 management boards in a 10U high chassis, the PRIMERGY BX900 has the highest density. Combined with chassis interconnectivity the system allows the most flexible scaling.
Complete investment protection and flexible growth scenarios

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