There is a big push in the data center industry to address the major problem of Independent Electrical Contractor (IEC) plugs coming loose on equipment & power strips. Have you been experiencing this issue due to appliance vibration or accidental disconnects when maintenance and cabling work is performed in your racks?

A range of solutions is available to avoid unnecessary data center downtime by deploying IEC Secure Power Connections and/or Locking Power Connectors. PTS currently provides many solutions currently on the market. Final recommendations are typically based upon requirements and budgets.

IEC Lock

  • Suitable for use with any standard IEC inlet
  • Solution is universal on the equipment side and addresses the secure power connection problem by having a button which slides to engage a pin that drops down on the ground plug
  • Device is UL approved
IEC C14 Grip Secure Insert

  • Solution is excellent for use on the PDU side of the IEC secure power connection
  • Very inexpensive
  • Not UL approved but used in variety of data centers

Enlogic Power Cord/Locking Power Cables

  • Provides protection against accidental power loss of your attached IT equipment when used with any Enlogic PDU or APC® AP8000 Series PDU
  • Locking IEC plugs into the PDU outlet with a locking tab feature
  • Cord connector positively locks into the attached equipment power inlet without the need for supplemental retaining clips
Enlogic’s Locking IEC Power Cables
Schurter V-Lock Power Cord

  • Latches into the notched inlet or outlet to prevent accidental disconnection of the power from the equipment
  • Yellow catch mechanism is easily released by depressing the lever
  • Unlike wire bail or clamp accessories, no additional hardware is required to install the cord retaining system, saving installation time and material
  • Device is UL approved
Raritan ETO Outlets

  • Solution is excellent for use on the PDU side of the IEC secure power connection
  • No proprietary cables required
  • Alternative to outlets with retention clips
  • Device is UL approved
Power Cord Retention Clips

  • Can be used at PDU or equipment side of the IEC secure power connection
  • No proprietary cables required
  • Several variations available
  • Takes additional space in the cabinet


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