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In control rooms around the world, critical decisions are made based on information presented on video walls. Even a temporary interruption or drop in performance can be detrimental. Planar understands the unique requirements of mission-critical video walls and provides a choice of image processing solutions that set the industry standard for performance, power and versatility so you can manage your control room operations the way you want.

Complete Control of Critical Visual Information

Planar Video Wall ProcessorLarge and small venues alike use Planar’s video wall processors to broadcast a single image across multiple screens or display several different video feeds within a single wall. Planar provides a choice of world-class image processing solutions to best fit your video wall application needs and requirements. For more robust applications, Planar’s Indisys Image Processing allows any source to be displayed, at any size, anywhere on any size video wall making it among the industry’s most flexible solutions. For a powerful, yet easy-to-use processor at a low price point, the Clarity VCS video wall controller is ideal for the capture, display and management of video and data sources on small or mid-sized video walls.

Clarity Visual Control Station

The Clarity Visual Control Station (VCS) is an easy-to-use video wall controller, ideal for Clarity Matrix LCD Video Walls that is designed to capture, display and manage visual sources. Its compact, yet powerful, form factor supports a wide variety of inputs and is designed for ease of set-up, use and maintenance.

Indisys Image Processing

Planar-Indisys-Image-ProcessingPlanar’s Indisys™ Image Processing system is a complete all-digital solution for the capturing, routing, displaying and managing of visual information on a video wall. It incorporates a unique distributed architecture and dedicated, high bandwidth hardware components that deliver the performance, flexibility, redundancy and source-to-pixel control not possible with traditional image processing architectures.

Features and Benefits

  • Choice of image processing solutions to best fit your video wall application needs and requirements.
  • Clarity VCS is an easy-to-use video wall controller ideal for small to medium-sized systems.
  • Indisys Image Processing has a unique modular architecture and high bandwidth components making it perfect for larger, more demanding applications.
  • Planar WallNet™ is an easy-to-use software and hardware solution designed to monitor the performance of Planar digital displays and video walls over a network.

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