The InfiniBox™ storage array is based on an innovative software platform built on top of industry standard hardware. InfiniBox features predictable high performance, scalability to multiple petabytes in a single 42U rack, 99.99999% uptime, and unmatched TCO for mission-critical workloads. With InfiniBox, organizations can lower both the cost and complexity of their storage operations.
Reliability & Performance Unmatched reliability and performance (99.99999% uptime) is delivered through an innovative self-healing architecture, high performance double-parity RAID, and comprehensive end-to-end data verification capability. In addition, an efficient data distribution architecture that uses all drives all the time, and a very large flash cache, deliver ultra-high performance with up to 1M IOPS, and over 12GB/s throughput along with our InfiniMetrics detailed performance monitoring.

Petabyte Scale Resolve data center footprint constraints with the ultra-dense InfiniBox array — scales to over 5PB of effective capacity in a single standard 42U rack. System capacity utilization is achieved with extremely efficient thin provisioning and other storage efficiency capabilities such as inline data compression.

Host Integration InfiniBox integrates with OpenStack, VMware and other environments through native interfaces, and is bundled with a rich portfolio of solutions called Host PowerTools.   Host PowerTools shorten lengthy storage management tasks from days to seconds!

Going Green InfiniBox is an efficient, green storage system that minimizes the systems environmental and physical footprint.  InfiniBox has an extremely low energy footprint of 8KW during peak load and 5PB of effective capacity in a single 42U rack, providing floor space, cooling and power usage efficiency.

Simplicity Across the Board Friendly and intuitive HTML5-based GUI makes traditionally complex operations a no-brainer. Our elegant RESTful API and a powerful CLI give you a storage system that’s both highly efficient and very simple to manage.

Truly Unified Storage InfiniBox is designed for modern workloads by delivering SAN (block) and NAS (file), storage in parallel within a single platform. No more settling for partial solutions, where SAN and NAS services are patched onto legacy block arrays.

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