img6-fullFor smart and simple data center performance and availability monitoring, Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer software provides all the essential capabilities to diagnose and monitor heterogeneous server, network and storage assets- with automated root cause analysis, easy network visualization, agentless architecture and a unified, intuitive Web-based interface.

Simultaneous demands for greater efficiency, availability and performance in the data center are commonly expected but rarely achieved within the typical constraints of IT resources. So how do you manage growing data requirements amidst the complexity of multivendor, multi-platform infrastructures with limited staff or expertise? Hitachi Data Systems understands these challenges and has developed a proven solution to help simplify data center management and reduce IT time, cost and effort. Hitachi Data Systems is a world leader in quality and innovation, and extends its expertise with Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer software for comprehensive performance and availability monitoring across heterogeneous servers, network and storage. IT Operations Analyzer delivers unmatched fully featured monitoring tools through a single unified interface for smart, simple data center management for medium and large businesses with up to 250 server, switch and storage nodes. Designed to help you streamline IT operations, improve customer service levels, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and boost efficiencies, The IT Operations Analyzer is easy to deploy and manage across the data center without specialized training or knowledge.


Business Benefits

Improves Customer Service Levels

  • Ensures system uptime
  • Minimizes mean time to repair

Reduces TCO

  • Delivers a complete view of the data center infrastructure in a single console

Increases IT Efficiency

  • Enables system availability management with less time and without specialist skills


Agentless Architecture

No time consuming agent installation required with the agentless architecture of Hitachi IT Operations Manager. Download, discovery and deployment are fast and straightforward.

  • No agent installation required for monitoring IT components
  • Deployment and installation are easy and cost effective
  • Easy, wizard-based installation, discovery and configuration
  • Standard interface-based monitoring
    • – SMI-S
    • – SNMP
    • – WMI
    • – SSH

Unified Interface

Simultaneous, single interface monitoring of all IT components enables the user to easily keep an eye on network performance while getting other work done.

  • Easy-to-use, consolidated console monitors LAN, SAN, Servers and Storage
  • Dashboard screen summarizes availability and performance
  • User installable
  • Automated reporting
  • Intuitive design using Web 2.0

Simple Network View

The simplified view of the network topology helps the user see both logical and physical connections in multiple views.

  • Simplified network topology view
  • Deployment and installation are easy and cost effective
    • – Logical View
    • – Table View
    • – At-a-Glance View
    • – Integrated with root cause analysis for fast problem resolution

Root Cause Analysis

Helps drive quick recovery, reducing remediation time and increasing system availability. Eliminates the need to scan log files to figure out why the network is down.

  • Unique, expert system-based algorithm
    • – Patented
    • – Table View
    • – Cross correlates events from all LAN, SAN, server and storage components
  • Indicates problem nodes for quick recovery, reducing mean time to repair
  • Fully automated analysis-no manual intervention required
  • Performance bottleneck analysis

User Defined Alerting

By allowing the user to define thresholds based on their specific needs, alerts can be sent before a problem actually happens, notifying the IT manager of upcoming trouble.

  • User definable threshold templates based on application or group requirements
  • Two levels of threshold settings
  • Automated e-mail alerts sent for threshold violations
  • Automatic generation and delivery of reports at user defined intervals

Multiplatform, Multivendor

Monitors multiple devices from multiple vendors:

  • Supports VMware and virtualization
  • Works with multiple operating systems
    • – Microsoft® Windows
    • – Red Hat Linux
    • – Others to follow
  • Supports devices from many hardware suppliers
    • – Storage (Hitachi, IBM/Engenio, HP, Sun/Engenio)
    • – IP Switches (Cisco, HP)
    • – FC Switches (Brocade, McDATA, Qlogic)


Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer has all the essential features necessary to monitor the performance and availability of the datacenter IT assets. It offers new, innovative features including server, network and storage monitoring. The user will experience monitoring like never before!

Designed specifically for midsized businesses

Whether there are 20 network devices or 250, our designers have taken special care to provide a unique and friendly graphical user interface that overlays a brilliant and full featured performance and availability monitoring software product. The patented GUI displays all the critical information a user requires to keep the network healthy and to provide your customers with the uptime they deserve and demand.

Increased system uptime

With a patented root cause analysis algorithm that tracks down and displays problem areas, and user defined performance thresholds that alert you of potential problems before they occur, IT Operations Analyzer warns the user to take action, it helps find the cause of the problem and helps meet service level commitments.

Ease of mind

Because every license includes a full first year of maintenance and support, our technical experts are just a phone call or e-mail away-in the unlikely event the user will need them. Designed for midsized business by developers who understand the needs of the IT manager.

Flexible growth options

Available in 25 device licenses, additional monitoring capabilities can be added as the datacenter expands.

No training required

Unlike other systems monitoring product, Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer can be easily downloaded from our web site, and is completely user installable. The friendly wizard will guide you through the installation, discovery and configuration processes and you’ll be looking at the network in a whole new way in just a couple of hours.

Easy to try, easy to buy

Download the 30-day free trial to see for yourself how easy IT Operations Analyzer is to install and use. When you’re ready to buy, simply contact PTS Data Center Solutions, who can have you monitoring your entire network at practically a moments’ notice.