Juniper Networks Router Solutions are comprehensive, scalable, and secure routing solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of both enterprises and service providers. All of their routers – core, multiservice edge, and carrier Ethernet – run on one common operating system – Junos.


ACX Series Universal Access Routers

The ACX Series Universal Access Routers are powered by Junos operating system. The ACX Series network routers deliver industry leading routing performance and simplified end-to-end provisioning and support Layer 2 and Layer 3 functionality with IP/MPLS traffic engineering. The fixed 1 U ACX Series network router models are environmentally hardened and support passive cooling (fan-less design) for outdoor deployments.


BX Series Multi-Access Gateways

The BX7000 Multi-Access Gateway is part of our backhaul network router solution, which addresses a network operator’s current OPEX and bandwidth challenges while paving the way for a future migration to 4G technologies.


CTP Series Circuit to Packet Platforms

The CTP Series Circuit to Packet Platforms provide the advanced network router technology and features required to reliably transport TDM and circuit-based applications across next-generation IP networks.


E Series Broadband Services Routers

The E Series Broadband Services Routers play a critical role in the networking control, delivery, and accounting of services at the network edge.


J Series Services Routers

The J Series Services Routers offer service providers and enterprises a variety of flexible routing interfaces that deliver secure, reliable network routing solution to remote, branch, and regional offices.


JCS1200 Control System

The JCS1200 Control System allows you to independently scale control and forwarding planes to enable rapid service rollouts, lower costs, and enhance operational efficiencies.


LN Series Mobile Secure Network Router

The LN1000 Mobile Secure Network Router is an edge access network router that provides high-performance network routing, firewall, and intrusion detection service (IDS) for harsh environments, including terrestrial, air, and sea vehicles and remote data aggregation points.


M Series Multiservice Edge Network Routers

The M Series Multiservice Edge Network Routers combine IP/MPLS capabilities with unmatched reliability, stability, security, and service richness. These secure network routing platforms allow enterprises and service providers to consolidate multiple networks into a single IP/MPLS infrastructure.


MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers

The MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers provide high port-density network routing and network switching solution for service providers and enterprises. Deployment applications include high-density Ethernet LAN and data center aggregation, data center core, metro Ethernet aggregation and core, and Ethernet services edge.


T Series Core Network Routers

The T Series Core Network Routers are the industry’s leading IP/MPLS core network routing platform, scaling from 320 Gbps up to 1.6 Tbps in a single chassis, and up to 25 Tbps in a multi-chassis system.

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