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The Koldlok Extended unit is particularly useful when sealing large cutouts that adjoin walls where large conduit or power cable bundles extend through the raised-floor.

The Koldlok Extended unit is currently available in our 24″ length (23 15/16 actual) with a brush size of either six or three inches. The overall size for the three inch unit is: 23 15/16 x 6 x 1, sealing an opening of up to 23 15/16″ x 3″. The overall size for the six inch unit is: 23 15/16 x 9 x 1, sealing an opening of up to 23 15/16″ x 6″.

Upsite-Technologies-KoldLok-ExtendedAll Koldlok Extended units provide a secure fit to raised-floor tile utilizing either our unique adhesive gaskets or by actually screwing the unit down. Our kit provides all the materials you need to quickly and efficiently seal cable openings. As with our standard Koldlok products, these also dissipate static charge buildup to prevent ESD and come with a full one year warranty.

All KoldLok products provide the following benefits:

  • Upsite-Technologies-KoldLok-Extended-2Allow easy pass-through of power plug connectors and large cable bundles of up to 4 x 8
  • Large usable opening combined with very effective sealing allows Koldlok to fulfill most cable cutout requirements
  • Increase under-floor static pressure
  • Make Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle cooling concepts feasible above 50 watts/sf
  • Reduce cooling unit incapacity

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