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By utilizing our new Koldlok Surface Mount L or XL extensions, larger cable openings can be sealed while maintaining all of the benefits of our standard Koldlok products.

The Surface Mount L will seal a cable opening up to 9 x 10 extending the capacity of our current Surface Mount coverage by two inches. The Surface Mount XL nearly doubles the normal sealing capacity of our standard Surface Mount to seal an opening up to 10″ x 13″. Utilizing either of these solutions allows data center managers to accommodate odd shaped cable openings, previously outside the range of our Koldlok products.

All Koldlok Surface Mount L & XL’s provide a secure fit to raised-floor tile utilizing either our unique adhesive gaskets or by actually screwing the unit down. Our kit provides all the materials you need to quickly and efficiently seal cable openings. As with our standard Koldlok products, these also dissipate static charge buildup to prevent ESD and come with a full one year warranty.

All KoldLok products provide the following benefits:

  • Allow larger cable openings to be sealed with the same effectiveness as our standard Koldlok Surface Mount unit
  • Enable precision delivery of cooling where its needed
  • Increased perforated tile and grate cooling delivery
  • Increase under-floor static pressure
  • Make Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle cooling concepts feasible above 50 watts/sf
  • Reduce cooling unit incapacity

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