Upsite-Technologies-KoldLok-WaveThe Koldlok Wave Split Integral Raised Floor Grommet is designed to seal openings in new or existing raised floor cutouts prior to the installation of communications, power, or cabling. It is beneficial in its ability to allow greater IT density and sealing against by-pass airflow.

Special Features:

  • Sealing Effectiveness – New, patent-pending wave shaped thermoplastic elastomer offers the best sealing against bypass air flow, unsurpassed by any brush grommet on the market.
  • Usable Cable Area – Offers 45.5 sq inches of usable cable area, over two and a half times that of a leading brush competitor.
  • Maintenance Free – Wave shaped material seals around cables with no additional maintenance or monitoring required.
  • Configuration – Split design allows edge-cut tiles to be removed without capturing cables.
  • Fire Resistant – Thermoplastic elastomer material is rated UL94 HB.
  • Longevity – Durable, impact-resistant ABS frame.
  • Safety Cover – An optional cover is available to ensure greater safety before rack and cable installation.
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