Liebert XD Water-based cooling modules work as a system with Liebert XDP-W Coolant Pumping Unit to supply cooling water to high heat density racks. The modules offer an alternative to critical applications where the hot aisle/cold aisle approach to cooling is not practical.

Liebert XD Water-based Cooling Modules allow you to take advantage of an existing building chilled water system, using the Liebert XDP-W coolant pumping unit to distribute the cooling water to the racks or to cooling modules mounted on the racks.

  • Liebert XDK-W is available in models that provide 17kW of cooling and 40U of rack space; and 25kW of cooling with 37U of rack space. 60 Hz or 50 Hz.
    Liebert XDK-W
    Liebert XDK-W
  • Liebert XDR-W rack cooler attaches to the back door of an enclosure. Fans in the module move air from the rack equipment through a cooling coil and expel it from the back of the unit, chilled to the point where the impact on the room is close to neutral.

    Liebert XDR-W

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces room and building floor space requirements
  • Provides user-friendly operation and service-optimized design
  • Solves rack cooling issues where hot aisle/cold aisle approach is not practical
  • Operates quietly, Liebert XDK-W is ideal for applications where noise containment is required
  • Offers 60Hz and 50Hz models
High Availability
  • Channels air flow in the rack to optimize efficiency
  • Discharges heat via cooling water, with high performance air-to-water heat exchanger
  • Separates heat exchanger and servers for highest possible leakage safety
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Leverages existing building chilled water system

Ideally Suited For:

  • High-density equipment requiring precise cooling and protection
  • Communication enclosures
  • Data centers
  • Server farms