NetApp FAS2200 offers powerful, affordable, flexible data storage for midsized businesses and distributed enterprises.

Midsized businesses and enterprises with distributed environments need powerful, flexible data storage to handle data growth. The NetApp® FAS2200 series, named a ‘Champion’ and ‘Best in Overall Value’ by Info-Tech Research Group, is affordable, and is a more powerful storage platform than other systems in its class.

NetApp-FAS2200Unique Benefits of FAS2200 Series


Equipped for higher performance or capacity needs, the FAS2240 is a good fit for:

  • Midsize businesses or distributed sites of larger organizations
  • Windows application and virtual server consolidation with multiple workloads
  • Customers that require higher performance, I/O flexibility, and investment protection for future growth


Geared toward value-oriented deployments, the FAS2220 is a good fit for:

  • Midsize businesses, remote offices, and local storage
  • Consolidating virtualized environments with a small number of Windows applications or general file-serving workloads
  • Customers that need a powerful system at a competitive price

System Summary


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