NetApp FAS6200 Series delivers higher availability, scalability, and flash-optimized performance to accelerate business.

NetApp® FAS6200 Series storage systems are designed to deliver superior availability and proven performance to satisfy the most demanding workloads. The leading NetApp flash portfolio integrates with the FAS6200, letting you put flash where you need it: in controllers, arrays, or servers. FAS6200 gives you agility to meet changing application requirements without re-architecting your storage.

NetApp-FAS6200Unique Benefits of FAS6200 Series

  • Deliver an Infrastructure Built for Agility. Intelligent management, immortal availability, and infinite scaling.
  • Maximize Availability of Business Operations. Proven 99.999% availability meets the demanding needs of enterprise SAN environments.
  • Achieve 100% Nondisruptive Operations. Eliminate planned downtime and user interruption during system maintenance, rebalancing of data, and equipment swaps.
  • Seamless Scaling. Seamlessly increase performance to over 1.5 million IOPS1 and capacity to over 69PB while eliminating complex management.
  • Turbocharge Performance and Eliminate Latency. Drive business processes more quickly with leading flash integration across storage and servers.
  • Improve Efficiency and Value. Leading-edge storage efficiency technologies maximize storage utilization, and proven price/performance2 value improves overall ROI.

System Summary


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