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nlyte 6.0 is a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution. It offers intelligent capacity planning which enables efficient use of power, cooling, and space through the optimal placement of data center assets.

The nlyte solution is an integrated set of modules specifically designed to help data center personnel make better decisions as they solve the complex problems they face every day. nlyte helps data center management nlyte_01find those under-utilized IT assets, provides quicker Moves, Adds, and Changes (MAC) to the physical infrastructure, and uses sophisticated automation to optimize the physical capacities of power, cooling and space while improving IT service delivery.

nlyte uses a cutting-edge web-based application to provide an attractive and intuitive interface for all users. The system has been designed to enable powerful processes to be achieved quickly and easily. Wherever possible, steps have been automated to reduce user workload and built-in software rules maintain data accuracy and enforce data center best practices.

nlyte helps drive improved performance throughout the data center, enables the monitoring and collection of low-level data to facilitate infrastructure analysis, helps understand well in advance the cascading effects that every change will have on the environment, plus provides the advanced integrated analytics needed to properly plan and forecast future data center capacities. This is the very essence of modern-day DCIM. As such, the next generation of DCIM solution must bring state-of-the-art analytics to the party and that is what nlyte Analytics (Dashboard, Report and Predict) is all about.

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Features & Benefits

Central repository of data center asset information Helps reduce data center energy costs by up to 20% annually
Robust library of specific attributes for data center assets Reduces time to deploy new assets by up to 50%
Data-driven model of your data center floors and cabinets Prolongs data center life by up to 75%
Maps asset relationships and dependencies Helps attain a PUE rating of 2.0 or less
Sophisticated “What If” modeling Visibility into key performance indicators
Visualization of data center physical capacities Supports ITIL® and COBIT® best practices
Automatically selects best asset allocation Quick identification of capacity issues
Mitigates risk by understanding the impact of DC changes
Single system of record for data center asset information
Balances data center power, cooling and space