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Data Center Infrastructure Management is the ability to gain insight and drive performance throughout the data center including data center assets and physical infrastructure. nlyte_03The nlyte solution enables organizations to translate strategies into plans, monitor execution, and provide insight to improve financial and operational performance.

The nlyte suite creates a complete data center management environment for improved business agility – From the point you set your goals through the discovery of what you have, visualizing where your assets are, modeling and controlling changes, reporting on the results and finally predicting your future — The nlyte suite gives you the insights and tools you need to connect these processes, keep a steady pulse on your data center, optimize resources and improve business performance.
We designed nlyte from the ground-up to address real-world data center problems and we enable data center managers to continuously improve the performance of their facilities by using nlyte to envoke a series of processes we call the Data Center Performance Management (DCPM) Process Cycle. The DCPM Process Cycle uses six steps to help data center personnel get control of their data centers and make informed decisions for the planning and effective management of their IT assets and infrastructure.

The six DCPM Process Cycle Steps are described below:

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