While many data center managers can benefit from RaMP’s full feature set – including server discovery and monitoring, tasks and workflow, asset management, automated network end to end connectivity, and monitoring via Modbus and BACnet – others simply want to manage power in the data center. RaMP Power gives you the features you need at a price you can afford.
RaMP Power discovers and manages all SNMP power equipment including rack PDUs, PDUs, and UPSs, as well as monitoring environmental conditions. RaMP Power allows users to lay out their data center with the easy to use editor and track power and temperature by rack.

No Limits Software RaMP Power
Track power usage and capacity based on your needs

RaMP Power benefits

  • Allows setup in minutes or purchase the optional installation package and No Limits Software will do the installation and setup
  • Simple license model allows customers to buy in blocks of 25 devices
  • Track power usage and available capacity based on row, room or other user-defined parameters such as department
  • Visual view of the power chain highlights potential points of failure
  • Alerts provide notification of power and environmental problems
  • Add more devices or move to the full RaMP version by simply upgrading the license; all data will be moved over automatically

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