RaMP 3.6 provides a number of new features including a new data center view!


New Data Center View

  • No Limits Software RaMP AssetThe data center view was completely rewritten for Version 3.6 and now supports the ability to zoom and pan around the data center
  • RaMP 3.6 data center view provides multiple layers which can be turned on or off to better show the information that is important to you
  • Customize the view to your needs. Display both below floor and ceiling assets. Turn on data values. Turn off the background grid.  Place your own labels. Display rack utilization, power, temperature, asset type, or name.

Support for New Device Types

  • RaMP 3.6 now supports breakers, chillers, CRAHs, and busways
  • RaMP now allows users to create their own BACnet and Modbus definitions
  • Version 3.6 includes the latest version of our BACnet library to provide more efficient BACnet processing
  • Added support for the TCL protocol
  • Added support for integration with third party REST APIs
  • Added support for Tridium JACE controller
  • Added support for vCenter SNMP trap management
  • New dashboards for network storage views
  • Added support for equipment from F5 Networks, Nexsan, Geist, TPT, DencoHappel, Reillo, Airdale, Bomgar, and many others

Enhanced Alarm Notification

  • RaMP 3.6 adds the ability to alarm based on the status of a logical group. If your application needs 4 servers to perform its function, RaMP will alert you if any of the servers have an issue which may impact your application.
  • RaMP 3.6 adds the ability to escalate an alarm and also allows you to delay sending an alert, which can reduce alert traffic when a data value is fluctuating around a warning threshold
  • RaMP 3.6 now integrates with Callfire phone dialing system to allow RaMP to call users to inform them of alerts
  • Added ability to create two-stage warnings for asset end of life
  • New alert dashboard provides an easy way for users to track new alerts
  • RaMP 3.6 allows users to un-acknowledge an alarm

Workflow Enhancements

  • RaMP 3.6 adds the ability to automatically adjust task dates based on the workflow due date
  • Users can now add system-defined and user-defined fields to all tasks
  • RaMP 3.6 adds additional audit trail logging for all workflow steps
  • RaMP 3.6 adds automated workflow steps for typical tasks such as reserving space for a new asset, decommissioning an asset, and auto-discovering a new asset

Data Logging Enhancements

  • RaMP 3.6 provides greater detail for all data points and adds a “last hour” graph to go with the “last day”, “last week”, and “last month” one-click graphs
  • RaMP 3.6 provides easy threshold modifications for all power devices

Other Enhancements

  • Ability to create both user and global ad hoc reports
  • New report for rack contents
  • Enhanced search now supports asset cost information
  • Added ability to attach documents to leases, purchases, and contracts
  • Added ability to add custom fields to logical and physical groups
  • Added memory monitoring for servers and virtual machines

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